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An easy way to update all the drivers on windows

Posted by Kamar Pekick on Saturday, 10 June 2017

Sometimes after we install windows, without we realize there are some drivers that do not work or display yellow exclamation mark notification on the device manager. The drivers installed with the built-in Cd windows follow the year from the creation of the driver itself, for example a driver made in 2012 and now we have used in 2017, indeed the driver is running as it should, but sometimes the driver has errors, such as the WLAN Network Adapter driver Often have errors.

The driver seems to be no problem not even showing the exclamation notification, but when we try to connect to internet network (with wifi), often signal bar displays exclamation point (limited access) while other laptop users can connect to the internet.

At first I thought that I could not get Ip public address, using tethering Wi-fi hotspot from android too, wifi laptop signal bar still limited access, every troubleshoot got error message "problem with wireless adapter or access point". Sometimes it can connect to the internet and sometimes breaks itself (wifi indicator light restarts / dies and then comes back to life)

We can solve the problem by updating the driver. For updates can use windows update, manual update from device manager, or we update with the help of software updater all drivers.Since I do not want to re-download drivers or manual updates from device manager, I took the initiative to use a software "Driver Easy" to update all the drivers installed on my laptop.

The software can read our device from the system and motherboard along with its series (hardware info), and how to use the software is easy enough, with a small file, the software can find any driver that needs to be updated, of course in the scan and for driver update we need internet connection.

For friends who want to update drivers or find out what drivers need to be updated, please just take the software here -> Driver Easy Pro V5.5.0.rar and with the way of activation to be full version / pro.

So my writing this time, please add if there is a lack of explanation, so that we both learn and can share knowledge in solving a particular problem, especially about lessons about computers and other lessons.

Thanks for reading & sharing Kamar Pekick

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