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SIM Card not detected

Posted by Kamar Pekick on Saturday, 13 May 2017

Have we experienced a problem in signal and SIM Card we who make our phone number and network operators are not detected or unreadable on your mobile android is showing no service and cross mark on the SIM Card is being used so that we had time to blame the party network operators because of the incident, but after waiting some time signal and SIM Card is being used failed to show the signals and still no service on mobile , so that it can make us feel pissed myself. Hehehe

Perhaps one of the reasons why mobile phones and SIM Cards we are using are not detected and no network services due to the following factors:
1. damaged SIM Card Slot
2. SIM Card that has been damaged
3. The IMEI is missing (NULL, INVALID, 0)
4. damaged SIM Card IC (Hardware)

To find out if the damage was caused by the DRIVER'S the Card or damage was caused by the phone itself. We can do some checking as well as improvements in several ways such as:

1. Do the transfer SIM Card to the phone in the other.
After we move the SIM Card and it turned out that the SIM Card is detected or read by another then displays the mobile phone signal and the phone number can be used to make calls and message sent to number others, means a mobile that we use it suffered damage in the SIM Slot the Card.

2. put another SIM Card to the phone.
The intent of the other input SIM Card to the phone is, we use the new SIM Card or SIM Card active, (can I buy a new phone card or borrow a friend's card/mother/father/sister/brother nor sister hehehe). If not detected and there are no services (no service), the possibility of damage is still the same from the Slots SIM Card on the phone.

3. check the availability of the IMEI and BASEBAND device
Checking the IMEI and Baseband on your mobile by entering * # 06 # or go to the menu settings-> about phone-> check the last Baseband-> information-> status and check the IMEI.
If there is no Baseband or unknown (unknown) and IMEI NULL, Invalid or 0, it can cause a SIM Card and network operators become unavailable and cannot be used. Mobile must be flashing or enter IMEI and Baseband with the help of the application (software).

4. Clean the SIM Card Slot
Try to clean the slots SIM Card with removal or alcohol, probably due to dirt clogging at the brass so make the SIM Card is not detected.

As for the factors that cause the phone can not detect the SIM Card due to failure of the Hard reset/Factory Reset, Flashing, edit Buildprop and change the res, Framework and Custom Rom, the Rom file system is missing because of a virus, often exchange replace SIM Card sim slot so that card suffered damage, the occurrence of short on SIM Card IC and others.

The last handling if the above tips don't fruition is by way of bringing mobile suffered damage to the person who is the expert i.e. merit service to do the checking and repair.

Thanks for reading & sharing Kamar Pekick

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