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How To Troubleshoot The Installation Of Ms Office That Has The Problem (Invalid Location).

Posted by Kamar Pekick on Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Maybe some of your friends surely have experienced problems when installing Microsoft Office. When the installation is running all of a sudden appear warning the "Browse For Folder" that indicate the place or the office installation folder failed to locate the file installation, so we should indicate the folder, hehheehe

The issue of error in the installation of the office, often once made us annoyed, because we only keep the bulk of the office on the computer/laptop or Office CD or Fd experiencing Corupt data, there are missing files etc. Inevitably we have to buy a new office Cd or we can borrow it to our friends who no doubt had the bulk of data Cd's or Ms. Office, hehehehe. For those who have internet quota can also download it and no doubt should wait too.. hehehehe
On this occasion I will provide a solution to address the problem of the office requesting the "browse for folder or invalid location". Previously we had to read or view the message is cleared first.

In the image above looks a message "Setup cannot find URsetup.exe" not a problem about the loss of the file "msvcr80.dll." but it's good we also downloaded the file "msvcr80.dll" for precaution when Ms. Office issued a warning about the error. OK, so can be ensured at the time when the installation program is running, Ms. Office cannot find the installation file whether it be a file "URsetup.exe" or read the file "URsetup.xml munculah" then the message "Setup cannot find URsetup.exe".
Here I will give you a tutorial to address the "Browse For Folder-> cannot find URsetup.exe-> Invalid Location". Best wishes from my writing this can provide benefits for friends and brothers all, as well as add to our knowledge.
After my brief from the video that I had made. As for the steps as follows:
1. View the file terhidden by the way: open the File Explorer-> Local Disk (C) > On-Drive Tool (see the very top), Select View-> give your Checklist on the Hidden items.
2. MSOCache Folder-> Copy Paste into folders Ms Office/installation. P. Office (Fd/Cd or on the windows disk.
3. Click Properties-> Uncheck the Hidden box Checklist-> Apply-> Ok > Ok.
4. Copy the file "setup.exe" to the MSOCache folder-> All Users-> Paste into the folder {90140000-0115-0409-0000-0000000FF1CE}-C (folder # 9)
5. Cancel the installation of Ms Office.
6. Open the Folder again Ms. Office-> Run setup.exe files (if the error still occurs, perform the installation of x 64/x 86 folder on the folder and run the Office Ms. URsetup.exe).
7. Wait for the installation progress is running (it is indeed a little bit long process installation = be patient yeah, hehehe).

mean friends have managed to overcome a problem of the "Browse For Folder"-> "Setup cannot find setup.exe"-> Invalid Location. Friends can do the prostration of gratitude or say thanks to God who has given us the cleverness, resourcefulness and knowledge to address and resolve a problem. hehehehe
OK, the next Stage is to activate Ms Office./Ms. Word. for friends who do not know how Ms. activation Office or Windows here -> Video activation Ms.Office Permanent

Thanks for reading & sharing Kamar Pekick

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