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About your love

Posted by Kamar Pekick on Monday, 22 May 2017

How can you love me, whereas you do not know where my purpose and direction.
How can you love me, while you do not understand any my pace.
How can you love me, while you have not ever understand my thoughts.
How can you love me, whereas you do not know about what my dream.
How can you love me, while you do not receive any flaws in me.

Your love to me is like a cold night hitting bone.
Your love to me like a fog that meet in the morning.
Your love to me like a blazing sun that burns the skin.
Your love to me is like the time is always changing.
Your love to me as the difference of the season do not know for sure.

What can me say more about your love?
What can my reveal more about your heart?
Should I ask and always ask you?
Should I follow your wish?
If a question does not get a reply, maybe silence also won't solve anything.

I know, love unites two hearts, uniting each difference brings together a pair of mind, then stepped together in one desire.
What that is love if different even opposed each other in the search for victory themselves. Budge any time wasted, because words are always recurring emotions and be heart burn.

Truly your love could no longer my taste.
Really caresses of fingers your heart could no longer touch the walls of my heart.
The fire has been extinguished my love as my eyes shut.
My mind was chained, chained freeze anxiety.

Behind the chill wind this evening I want to pass on to you.
And in the longer my wish to speak this evening too you.
Witness's silence, darkness and silence, my heart wanted to speak out the words: "goodbye for your love".

No more fighting.
There is no need to dispute.
No longer need each other looking for victory.
Suffice it already, all had enough for the day yesterday.
Step up and walk you to welcome tomorrow.
Keep smiling and look forward to what you see.
Without me, you are still able to pass through the turnaround time.

My prayer for you o figure ever to fill up my days, fill my heart, may you assigned the happiness of a pen your love future time until you can grab the imagination and fantasy you've ever craved.


Thanks for reading & sharing Kamar Pekick

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