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Black Screen On Windows 8

Posted by Kamar Pekick on Saturday, 22 April 2017

Why display screen laptop/pc into a "black screen, screen is grey, blue screen, blue screen in deep flicker and don't stop-stop"?
We often find once such problems on laptop monitor screen or pc and sometimes we have to wait by the time it can be said to be quite long so that the display screen can be back to normal, and sometimes we turn off our laptop or pc.

Many of the causes that make the screen of the laptop or pc screen we have a black screen (black screen cursor mouse only), display screens to gray after login and there's only the mouse cursor and cannot enter the home screen of the monitor, the screen become blue screen (blue screen) after starting windows or is being used, screen flashing monitor (blinking) like I'm checking the LCD and the screen resolution after login.

As for the causes of the problem are:
-The wrong system configuration
-Software or application problems
-Software or applications that are not compatible
Windows Update failed
-Driver adapater (display) which are not compatible
-The problematic windows Activation
-Installation of antivirus (antivirus settings)
-Many applications running so that's file explorer restarts by itself
-The electricity suddenly dies that make system file broken
-Viruses and the causes of other errors.

To overcome these problems, we can use the help of software "Windows Repair" or use the system fixes from windows itself.
With the help of the windows repair software, then the problem of damage to systems or programs installed on windows can be analyzed and corrected, same thing with a repair system that is owned by windows by using the windows installation CD.

To note in doing repair or system configuration/program, we have to stay focused and take heart. When we are afraid will happen to damage in the improve themselves, we can ask people who understand about computers or bring it to computer repair place so as not to damage that can make the laptop/pc we are getting worse.
For the reminder:
-Do not install the programs that are not needed.
-recognize and care about laptop/pc should your partner
-understand how to download the software so that it is not wrong to download
-turn on the firewall
-do not transfer any files using Flash
-make sure that the antivirus is active and updated.

Thanks for reading & sharing Kamar Pekick

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